Mississauga Ballet Association Board of Directors

2021-22 Board of Directors

Mathangi Zeinalov, Chairperson

Lits Kong, Treasurer

Ivanka Gotcheva, Secretary

Denise Emile, Member-at Large

Vivian Szeto, Member-at-Large

Jennifer Manesiotis, Bookkeeper*

Katherine Pasia, Member-at-Large*

Artistic Director, Eilleen Buchholz*

* Non-voting member of the Board

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The MBA elects a Board of Directors yearly at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), held in October. The term of office is one year. Directors may serve more than one term of office. A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 11 directors are elected. The Board meets as often as needed to make decisions regarding the running of the MBA (usually once per month – no meeting in July or December). At least half of the Directors plus one are needed to have a meeting. Decisions are made by the Board of Directors; a simple majority rules.
The Artistic Director may advise the Board but does not have a vote.