Programs Offered

K-dance (formerly Kinderdance) builds on children’s natural love of music and movement to lay the foundation for studies in other forms of dance.

K-Dance is to technical forms of dance what Kindergarten is to elementary school.

Levels: K-Dance

Pre-Ballet is a transitional level which retains the fun element of K-Dance and gradually prepares the student for classical ballet.

Levels: Pre-Ballet I (PBI) and Pre-Ballet II (PBII)

Classical Ballet offers students a series of classes that grow in content and difficulty with ability and strength. The program strives to retain the joy of dancing while exposing students to the fine points of classical ballet and music.

Levels: Classical Ballet I to VIII (CBI to CBVIII)

Senior Ballet is a continuation of the Classical Ballet program geared towards students with a more advanced knowledge of the art form.

** Pointe is a program for students who are more seriously interested in ballet/dance. This program includes a second lesson each week with an emphasis on pre-pointe, pointe and choreography. Students are individually assessed on strength and control before starting the pointe program. Schedule permitting, a guest teacher or field trip will be offered to these students once per season.

**Contemporary is a modern form of dance with an emphasis on natural and lyrical movement. These classes are offered to students ten and over with some ballet experience.

** SECONDARY CLASSES: Students must be enrolled in a ballet class at MBA in order to register for any of the secondary options.